Top Four Electric Shavers From Remington – A Budget Electric Shaver Built with Quality


Although it can be difficult to stand out on the crowded shelves of electric razors, Remington has somehow managed to do it quite well. This brand, which is known for making affordable razors, offers excellent value for their products as well. This is something that surprises many who purchase from this brand, as they find that their razor has better craftsmanship and quality than they may have anticipated. Since the company has been making electric shavers for over 75 years, it’s no surprise as to why they do things so well. If you’re budget-minded and would like a razor that will still perform quite well, then Remington is an excellent brand to get started with. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the following top shaver options:

1. Remington XR1370 Hyper Series

Designed with HyperFlex technology and dual PrecisionPlus heads, the hyper series razor offers high quality and high performance. The rotary head is by far one of the features that buyers like the most, as it provides a clean and comfortable shave that adheres to every curve of the face. It’s one razor that can be used with all facial hair thicknesses, which is difficult to find in this market.

2. Remington FR-730

While not as popular as other razors, it offers incredible value for its low price tag. This begins with steel foils for a close shave, a pivoting neck for precision, and a pop-up trimmer for beards or mustaches. Being rechargeable and cordless makes it an even better purchase for those on a budget. It’s by far the best choice for anyone who has a thin beard or just needs a clean-up razor without a lot of special features.

3. Remington F5 5800

With an affordable price tag and thousands of great reviews online, this is an entry-level shaver that offers more than others in the same price range. It boasts producing a close shave thanks to the pivot and flex technology, which adjusts and contours every part of the face. It’s also washable, has a 60-minute battery, and is cordless for added convenience.

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4. Remington F5790

Best for users with a light beard, this is a basic razor that still delivers a close and comfortable shave. However, it’s important to note that because it’s so affordable, it doesn’t come with all of the same features that you’d get in more expensive models.

Is Remington Right For You?


As mentioned above, Remington is one of the most affordable brands of razors you’ll find on store shelves today. However, just because you are saving money doesn’t mean you’re compromising quality. This manufacturer has been popular since the 60’s, and that’s not looking like it will change anytime soon. They’ve even made huge impacts on the market as a whole, like when they introduced the flexing foil system in the 70’s.

With so much to offer, are you wondering if a Remington razor is right for you? If you’re looking for a budget-friendly unit that will perform well, then you won’t be disappointed. However, keep in mind that these are not made to last for many years like other brands of razors are. Both the F series (foil) and R series (rotary) by this manufacturer will need to be replaced every couple of years.