Three Panasonic Electric Shavers You’ll Love

Panasonic is one of the most well-known and respected Japanese companies manufacturing goods today. While they’re known for producing many items, their shavers are by far some of their most popular. Even with models that have higher price tags, users know they’re going to get value for their money. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from with this brand, making it easy for any user to find the razor that fits their needs the best.

What’s particularly interesting about Panasonic razors is the fact that they’ve set the standard when it comes to quality. This is due to the fact that they produce such highly sought after luxury shavers, which have features that every man and woman has come to expect with electric models. With so many reasons to use Panasonic, is it really a wonder why they are the best selling brand out there? Not many brands, if any, will perform better than those that they produce.

3 Top Panasonic Razors


1. Panasonic Arc 5 ESLV81-K

This impressive shaver features an award-winning design that has 5 ultra-sharp and hypoallergenic blades. It also has a powerful motor that cuts 14,000 per minute for a close shave that is finished in minutes. Adding to the user experience, the Arc 5 has a pivoting head that glides along the contours of the face smoothly to reduce irritation and discomfort. While priced high, it’s well worth because of the features and included cleaning/charging system.

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2. Panasonic Arc 4 ES-LA63-S And ES-LA-93-K

These razors are very similar to the Arc 5, with the main difference being that they only have 4 blades. However, they are both powerful and designed to achieve the same close and comfortable shave. The ES-LA93 is the more premium version, with the ES-LA63 being the most affordable of them all. Both of these produce excellent results without you having to pay the higher price of the Arc 5.

3. Panasonic Arc 3 ES-LT71-S

Otherwise known as the Arc 3, this is priced affordably at just around $100 (depending on where you buy). It’s cordless, can be used wet or dry, and comes with a premium clean & charge station as well. This razor also enjoys the distinction of having a pivoting action head, 13,000 cpm motor, and pop-up trimmer for mustaches and beards. The handle even tells you how much battery is left on the unit, so you never run the risk of running out of power.

What to Expect from Panasonic


Not many shavers can compare to those made by Panasonic. This brand creates those that are powerful, comfortable, and enjoyable to use. This helps ensure a close and safe shave that leaves a smile on your face rather than razor burn. More importantly, they are the only company to offer 4 and 5 blades on their foil shavers, which sets them apart from many other companies today. All in all, if you’re looking for the best, then you’re looking for Panasonic electric razors.

If Panasonic isn’t a brand you’ve tried yet, it’s worth considering. Even if you don’t have a big budget to work with, you’ll be able to find mid-end shavers that still perform like those more expensive. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed in the least bit with the razor that you get.