All About Electric Shavers Reviews and What We’re About

Doesn’t everyone dream of starting a site dedicated to reviews of electric shavers? Maybe not. The idea of Electric Shavers Reviews first came up when we started a group conversation about electric shavers. So many of us had experienced the pain of nicks and trauma of spending hundreds of ineffective razors, we wanted to help others. Knowing that we weren’t alone, we set out to create Electric Shavers Reviews.

The first thing we decided to address was how most people determine which shavers they ultimately purchase. Do they ask friends or family for recommendations like most of us? Or do they simply just look at the star rating on the site they’re purchasing on? Let’s face it, who has time to do more research than this? Sure we want to get a good deal, but taking the time to actually go out and compare razors or test them is more than most can do. To make things easier for our fellow shavers, we decided to do all this work for them!

Our first dive into the market was a hairy one. We researched the best, tried the worst, and wrote down every little detail we experienced during that time. Once we had collectively tried as many as we could muster (and had hair for), we were ready to share our experiences with the public. In order to do this, we started a blog and wrote down our honest thoughts, experiences, and decisions on whether or not we’d purchase for ourselves.

Our Goals as Amateur Razor Testers

Although at first our priority was to make a blog with honest reviews on electric shavers, it has grown into more than that. We focus on helping people, always work hard to update regularly, and give as much information as we can.

That wasn’t too much info about us to get through, was it? You can search reviews on our home page or visit our “contact us” page to e-mail one of the talented members of our shave-centric team.